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You can build your web page yourself or you can have Web Design by KaSondera build it for you.  We are proud of all the features that are included with the free website builder.  Some hosting companies are a bit cheaper.  But you do not get these terrific features.

Most features are ad on and an extra fee once you sign up.

Don't get fooled.

Sign up for Affordable Web Site Deign and Hosting with Complete Web Pages today and start taking advantage of all the Free included features. As little as $29.95 a month.  The cheapest advertising your business will ever get.


These features would cost you thousands of dollars if built separately.

They are available at no extra charge with www.completewebpages.com.

30 Sample Websites

Top 10 Benefits of Site Builder

The top 10 reasons www.completewebpages.com clients give for using www.completewebpages.com:

Build your own Site in minutes.

Getting started is a three-step process that takes the average user five minutes.

What makesit easy?

Almost anything you want to do is one click away. Editing a page? One click. Getting help? One click. Adding formatting to your text? One click.

More time is spent making www.completewebpages.com quick and easy to use than on any other part of www.completewebpages.com.

99.9% Uptime gurantee

www.completewebpages.com guarantees 99.9% uptime and backs it up with:


www.completewebpages.com provides the most online support options for any site builder on the Internet.

Online support comes in the form of a complete set of online documentation, an online knowledge base, frequently asked questions and unlimited online technical support through a team of support specialists. Many members of the support team are the actual designers, marketers and programmers of www.completewebpages.com

AND "best of all"   You can contact Sandra Kelting  24/7 at 978-346-8397- 0r text / call at 978-914-4163  and she will help in any way she can.


If you use Microsoft Windows or an Apple Macintosh, you can use www.completewebpages.com.

www.completewebpages.com is compatible with any of these browsers

Price Protection

You get comprehensive price protection. www.completewebpages.com protects you from both rising prices and descending prices. It doesn’t make a difference which way the pricing goes. You are protected. Here’s how it works:

Security Systems

Every measure is taken to make www.completewebpages.com the most secure website builder on the Internet.

Measures are taken to protect the site builder from unauthorized access and to protect website visitors from compromising their shopping cart information:

Shopping Cart

Use the www.completewebpages.com shopping cart, included free with your website, and have one of the most powerful shopping carts on the web. You save hundreds of dollars compared to similar web store builders that have less options.

You can sell up to 500 products with no additional product charges, no transaction charges (except those charged by your credit card processor) and can charge through PayPal. Lots of product layouts and an easy to setup cart give you more power.

Accept PayPal and Credit Card Payments

Easy Photo ALbums

Organize and post up to 500 photos on your photo album pages.

Adding and organizing takes only a few clicks and you can use any photo you have taken.

Photo albums make it easy for visitors to see a group of photos. All the photos are shown in thumbnails (small-sized versions of the photo) that users can click to see the full size image. This means that visitors with slow connections can enjoy your photos easily and quickly.

Links Page

Give your visitors links to thousands of the most valuable resources on the Internet.

Visitors to your site will thank you for saving them the many hours it takes to find good websites. You can link to a virtually unlimited number of websites and you can organize them into pages that are easy to search and browse. You can also attach images to each link to provide a preview of the link.

Up to: 500 Pages/Photos/Products No extra charge

You will always have enough pages, products and photos for your website. Save yourself the worries and the hassles of paying for another 5 web pages to add to your first 5. With www.completewebpages.com your limits are so high that you won't need to upgrade and if you do, it's cheap and easy ($1/100 photos, $1/50 web pages, $1/50 products).


Want first hand Testimonials? Feel free to contact any of my web site clients and ask them for your self.

Are they satisfied with Web Design by KaSondera and the edit yourself software at www.completewebpages.com?

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