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Free Web Submission at Complete Web Page Design provides you with a list of free search engine links.

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How do I get on search engines like Google?

Search engines don't always find your site on their own, so you're better off submitting your site to them. You can use the following links to do so:

Google Add URL 

Yahoo! Site Submission

MSN Search URL Submission 

Bing URL Submission

Make sure to submit the complete URL of your home


The Open Directory Project, or DMOZ, is the largest human-edited Directory on the web. Submitting your site is absolutely free, and the DMOZ Directory populates hundreds of Search Engines and Directories across the internet, including the Google Directory. There are strict content and submission guidelines on DMOZ and there is no guarantee that you will be listed, so be sure to read the instructions carefully! The submission and review process can take weeks to months:

DMOZ: The Open Directory Project

The Open Directory Project also has a Public Forum listing news, updates and tips, which can be found here:

The Open Directory Project Public Forum

Green Warning TIP: When submitting your website to Search Engines, remember to submit the full address of your Home page:

http://www.yoursite.completewebpages.com/home.html (if you have a friendly url set up)

And not just:


When using this page to submit your site make sure you do not submit to the same search engines twice.


Use our list below to LIST YOUR WEBSITE for FREE!


1. Yahoo! Search
2. MSN
3. Google
4. About
5. Open Directory
6. Accoona
7. ExactSeek
8. ScrubTheWeb
9. Buzzle
10. SearchSight
11. EntireWeb
12. Snap
13. AbiLogic
14. 01WebDirectory
15. WebSquash
16. What U Seek
17. MixCat
18. VXbox
19. NetInsert
20. MavicaNET
21. World Site Index
22. SearchIt
23. dirOne
25. TowerSearch


26. Amfibi
27. SearchHippo
28. IllumiRate
29. CanLinks
30. Info Tiger
31. Linketeria
32. SplatSearch
33. Qango
34. BigClique
35. FyberSearch
36. WebbieWorld
37. Cipinet
38. Aeiwi
39. Zeezo
40. Pedsters Planet
41. Sphericom
42. Clickey
43. Subjex
44. NetSearch
45. Walhello
46. JDGO
47. Moshix2
48. Sertchy
49. Claymont
50. Amidalla



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Search for a domain name.

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