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Give your audiance something to come back for
Coupons | Discounts | Offers Give your audiance an incentive to revisit your website. Give them Coupons | Discounts and Great Offers.
Nov 10, 2011
Clearing your Cache
Are you looking at old data on your screen. You need to clear your old Temporary Internet Files (clear cache) ( memory). Here are the directions for most browsers.
Sep 21, 2011
Step #6 Alternate Text for your Photos
Search Engines can not read a picture or graphic "But" they can read Alternate text.
Mar 24, 2011
Step #5 Meta Data
Step #5 is about the very important Meta Data the hidden text that the search engines spider and from this make the listings that you see when searching for a particular search term or website.
Dec 1, 2009
Step #3 Naming Your Web Pages
Designing A Successful Website Step#3 Naming Your Web Pages
Nov 1, 2009
Step #2 to Designing a Successful Website
Steps to designing a successful website.
Oct 23, 2009


Every Business today needs an Internet presence. My articals will give guide lines to making your website successful, help to make it search engine frindly, give guides to making a website that will be of interest to your targeted market and a guide to pages that will lead your visitors to take the action you desire.

Here you will find guide lines on Proper Website Design. How to design a website that will be found by the search engines and keep your client interested and returning to your website.

I will be continually updating this news page to keep up with the current trends of the internet and the top search engine practices.

If you are interested in keeping your website Live and interesting and making sure the search engines visit your site often. Then Sign up today to receive this ongoning Website Design newsletter.

* You don't have to have a company LOGO or any special graphics to begin.

* The secret is to begin.

* Special features can be added later.

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